When do you relax?

deathtostock_creative-community8Busy-ness is the big ‘thing’ these days. People carry over-packed diaries like trophies. ‘I’m SO busy at work’. ‘How do you have time to do that?’. ‘I’m too busy to read / watch TV / exercise or do anything fun!’. I’m guilty of uttering all of the above at some point.

Too much ‘being busy’ is probably making you tired, bad-tempered and unable to focus as well as causing you stress and anxiety. 

When do you relax? Relaxation is a word we hear often but don’t often know what it means. Here are some definitions for you:

  1. the state of being free from tension or anxiety
  2. a way to rest and enjoy yourself
  3. recreation or rest, especially after a period of work
  4. the loss of tension in part of the body, especially in a muscle when it ceases to contract
  5. something that you do to stop feeling worried, nervous etc

More importantly, what does relaxation mean to you?

If you’re not a hot bath and good book kind of person, the beauty of this is that you can make your own definition of relaxation. It’s your job to figure out what you enjoy doing; what makes you smile and what makes you feel like you’re a hundred miles away from work and the house chores. Have you thought about meditation? This doesn’t have to be for long – even a 10 minute meditation can leave you feeling cleared headed and calm again. There’s lots of free resources out there to help.

Then make time for your relaxation. You have a diary – no reason why you can’t schedule in your hobby, yoga class, massage. time to read a book or whatever it is that you want to do to relax. On a girls weekend away earlier this year, we all realised how lovely it was being away from the usual routine; a break from the routine.

Taking care of yourself is important. Self-care puts you in a better frame of mind to care for people who depend on you. Good luck in finding what chills you out and make it happen!