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Hot stone massageKansa Vatki foot massage

Relaxation treatments cover you from head to toe quite literally! Starting with the seated and clothed Indian head massage down to the Kansa Vatki foot massage which uses coconut oil and a metal bowl to work on various pressure points on the feet. They can be combined together in one session to give a truly calming experience.

The massage therapy sessions I’ve had with Munira have been invaluable as I don’t stretch enough and my muscles, particularly in my legs and shoulders get very tight. I tried a hot stones massage at one of the taster sessions and have found these work a treat for me. Munira is very knowledgeable about the body and she is always looking to learn more, so I feel very comfortable in her skilled hands. I find the sessions we have had as much an emotional and mental support as a physical benefit and have found much improvement in my well being, posture and musculoskeletal system.

Marijan, Wales

Why not try a hot stones massage? If you’re achy then you’ll find the heat from these volcanic stones help ‘melt’ tension from your muscles and reduce pain