hot stones massage, relaxation

Hot Stones Massage

Why have a Hot Stones Massage?

The heat from these special stones has many benefits. It is wonderfully relaxing with particularly therapeutic properties that makes this therapy unique.

  • The heat envelops the body resulting in instant relaxation and calmness.
  • The heat also can have an analgesic effect of pain and therefore great for any areas of achy tension.
  • It’s fantastic for blood circulation – the heat dilates the blood vessels and encourages a better flow of nutrients to all of the cells and therefore works well on areas of chronic tension and pain.
  • Areas of tension can be more easily worked on used in combination with traditional Swedish massage and deep tissue techniques.

What happens in a Hot Stones Massage?

The stones are made of volcanic rock called Basalt and are used for their ability to retain heat for longer than normal stones. They are incredibly smooth making the application of the stones very easy. The stones are heated to up to 53 degrees Celsius in a special stone heater using water or a special bag. Oil is applied to the body and the stones are used to glide over the muscles, radiating the heat deep into your tissues.

There are certain medical conditions that are contra-indicated for hot stone massage so if you have any concerns about this then please call me to discuss your situation.

This treatment makes a wonderful gift for someone special or a treat for yourself so why not give it a try?