Facial Exercises

Try these facial exercises for 10 minutes every day (5 minutes morning and night) to keep facial muscles strong and supple, maintain afacial acupresure points, facial exercises, facial rejuvenation massage, the natural face lift massage, natural facial healthy blood supply and aid waste removal as well as stimulating acupressure points with their beneficial effects on the flow of vital energy. 8 of the 14 energy meridians have points on the face! The eyes and sinuses also benefit.

  1. Loosening and warming up – do each 3 times slowly: rotate your shoulders forwards and backwards, raise shoulders to ears and drop quickly; with head straight, look over each shoulder; look ahead and tilt head to each side (breathe deeply into these 2 stretches & do them slowly in 2-3 stages).
  2. Slowly mouth the vowels A, E, I, O, U in a very pronounced manner (no need to make the sound), 3 times.
  3. Open your mouth wide, stick tongue out and down, open eyes wide, draw tongue back slowly, do 3 times (known as ‘The Lion’ exercise in Yoga).
  4. Place index fingers on the inside of eyebrows, gently pull apart (not up or down) stretching the skin, hold for 10 seconds and do 3 times.
  5. Look straight ahead, using your eyes only, visualise a large clock and slowly work your way around the numbers clockwise and anti-clockwise – you have lots of tiny muscles behind your eyes which become lazy and these exercises can strengthen them.
  6. Puff up cheeks and upper lip and hold for 10 seconds.
  7. Place thumbs under the middle of your chin, push chin down and hold for 10 seconds, continue around under the jawline.
  8. Slap under jaw line with the backs of your hands
  9. Tap all over your face with your finger tips and then pat over the face with your palms, harder on the cheeks.
  10. New do these acupressure points holding each for 10 seconds.