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These are some clients I have had the pleasure of treating and their honest feedback:

Rick, Coulsdon – “It was suggested to me to have a massage from Munira by my Personal Trainer as I had chronic pain in my hip, knees and back. I’ve had a few sports massages in the past but Munira’s are something else. I’ve learnt from her that hard is not always best; she knows how to get deep into the muscle with out causing pain. I’m still mystified no matter how many times she explains it, how working on my calf can make my knee better and how working on my right hip sorts out my left side. I would definitely recommend her I’m sure her massages have aided my recovery.”

Sylvia, Croydon – “I first went to Munira a year ago after I had fallen down an escalator with my bike. I had a huge lump on my thigh with striation marks and I was very worried about it. I also have 2 replacement hips but I am very active, also working a with personal trainer to constantly stretch my hip flexors. Munira has carefully, thoroughly and professionally worked with me to gradually restore my leg as well as dealing with other tightness especially in my shoulders, back and hips. She is meticulous in her note keeping. She is careful to check every time as to where you are up to and she takes her time to build up a deep knowledge and understanding of both your body and your psychology. In addition she is infinitely flexible with appointments, and understands completely the way that work and transport can conspire against you . I recommend taking out the payment for 6 sessions in one go, as it provides a solid base for the sessions. I feel that we are team dealing with the ups and downs of my body!
My lump is virtually gone – it has taken a year- but it is virtually gone and I do not believe that would have happened without Munira.”

Allison, Banstead -” Thank you so much for working your magic, yet again. Your facial rejuvenation massage not only keeps my skin glowing and healthy looking, but has also had the added benefit of relieving my sinus pain and congestion. The effects of which, in my case, were immediate and have been long-lasting. When I arrived for my recent appointment you could hear the congestion in my voice and see the puffiness under my eyes caused by a combination of hay fever and the dust being produced by some building work we are having done at the moment. After an hour’s massage I could see the improvement immediately, the puffiness had gone down considerably and within an hour of returning home my sinuses had cleared and my breathing was much improved.
Two weeks on I am still feeling the benefit, even though the building work is still ongoing. Can’t wait for the next massage!”

Nancy, Banstead – “I have been treated by Munira a number of times. I suffer with bad tension in neck, shoulders and back for many years. I see Munira for a 1hour back massage every six weeks. Munira is very professional and is very good at what she is qualified in. I always feel so much better once I have seen her.”

Mrs L, Kingswood – “Dear Munira, thank you very much for the wonderful treatment that I received from you! I am usually not the easiest person to massage as I have lots of very sensitive areas but you made me feel extremely comfortable and confident in your hands! I had not come to you with a pampering in mind….but for more of a physical treatment and I feel that I received both; not only did I feel that my knots and tight muscles had been massaged into oblivion but also that my stress levels had gone down a notch or two.I have been massaged plentiful in the last few years by lots of different massage therapists but none have been comparable to yours. They say no pain…no gain! Well in this case I totally agree! Your massage was a real workout but I left the treatment feeling like I was walking on clouds! I am really looking forward to my next treatment with you next week as my treatments will now be my little oasis of ‘me time’ which I usually have none of! Thank you again for loosening me up and hopefully soon I will be ‘Miss Supple’.”

Sofia, Purley – “Munira delivers a truly personalised and satisfying massage experience; I felt relaxed for days!”

Mr S, Surrey – “I have had a number of reiki sessions with Munira and have found them to be both calming and energising. She uses a gentle style that is very relaxing.”

Mrs C, Whyteleafe – “I came to Munira to try reiki with a very sceptical view. However 30 minutes later I was a convert. It was an amazing experience and I left feeling refreshed and very relaxed. I would definitely go back for more reiki.”

Julie, Coulsdon – “suffering with tension in back and shoulders “Munira had a professional attitude. Before we got started she asked me about my overall health so she knew what problem areas I had so that I was going to get the most suitable massage. She knew what areas to avoid or use less pressure and also communicated very well everything that was supposed to happen before the massage started and what to expect. Then, as she worked on me, Munira continuously made sure I was comfortable and continued to ask if I needed more or less pressure. She explained to me why she used a particular technique and why. Nothing felt rushed during the process and I was given time to come round after the treatment. I came away with a great feeling of well being.”

Mrs S, Banstead –  “I can recommend a full body massage from Munira which I have had on numerous occasions. I found this to be very calming and relaxing – releasing all the tension built up from the previous weeks’ activities. Munira provides a very professional massage service understanding how ‘our bodies work’ and she even gave me tips on stretching my muscles after exercising!”

Paul, Carshalton (suffering from insomnia and tension in neck and shoulders) – “I came to Munira to get help with troubled sleep and was suffering pain and tension in my neck and shoulders. Reiki helped me sleep because it relaxed me especially when I have had an overactive mind from the stresses of work. The massage I received was very professional, and she released the tension and worked on the knots in my neck and shoulders. I have had a number of full body massages and I particularly enjoyed the feet, head and arms. I have regular treatments from Munira and my sleepless night problems have reduced and I get less tension in my upper body.”

Stephanie, Dorking – “Being a working mum it was great to take some time out and have the best massage I’ve ever had!   Munira kept me informed throughout at what she was doing and made all the tense areas on my back and neck disappear! The oil that was used was fabulous and my skin felt great afterwards. Highly recommended!”

Tracy, Beddington – “Munira is a unique and very special find. She listens to your needs and delivers the most uplifting experience. Munira’s Massage treatments are customised to you, making you feel on top of the world when you rise from the couch. The Facial Rejuvenation Massage is a magical momentous treatment – which I highly recommend. After the treatment, my mother said she had never seen me look so good and a friend said I looked unrecognisable. My tired eyes and lacklustre skin were smoothed into absolute radiance. The effects last for days! Munira, thank you. X”

Nicola, Shirley – “Munira is fantastic; I had a neck and back massage when I had a stiff and unmoveable neck problem. Afterwards I felt great and the pain had gone and I was able to move again, Munira also pointed out where the problem was coming from which wasn’t even my neck. A wonderful massage and I would definitely recommend Tri-Essence Therapies.”

Lisa, Purley – “I would certainly recommend using Tri-essence Therapies. The holistic massage has been fantastic for my lower back pain as well as helping me relax and cope with the stresses of being a working mum! I recently had a course of Facial Rejuvenation massage this was extremely calming and certainly improved my skin tone leaving me with a glowing complexion – try it.”

Debbie, Wallington – “I had a pamper night recently and invited my mum, mother in-law, sisters and sister in-laws. We had a girly night in with food, drinks and pampering. We all had a great night and lovely treatments. Thank you Munira for a lovely pamper night, I hope to book another soon. Debbie x”