My tips for preventing / fighting the common cold

Tea with honey, lemon and ginger I wanted to share with you my tips for preventing / fighting the common   cold. We’ve got to that time of year when the bugs are out in full force but   in my job as a self-employed massage therapist, I just cannot afford to    get ill – I don’t work, I don’t get paid! So these are some things I do  to reduce the risk of getting ill but if I do get ill then some of these actions  are a must for me:

  •  Allicin Max garlic powder capsules – I’m not getting any kind of  kick back from this company but it is my number one natural remedy to  take if I’m feeling ill. I always have these in my cupboard. As soon as I get  that itchy throat feeling I take 6 capsules. Yes 6!!! The company advises  up to 10 a day. I have found that it stops my cold from coming out. I take  two a day throughout the winter as a preventative. This is a British made  product which they claim ‘is the only supplement to provide the body  directly with real allicin, extracted from garlic.’ Check out their website    for more information or email them at
  • Echinacea – you can get this in most pharmacies and health shops now and it’s become a popular remedy used for boosting the immune system. You can get it in tablet, liquid and spray form. The idea is to start taking it at the start of the winter season when colds are more prevalent but you can also take it at the start of a cold which will hopefully cut it short. I take it in tablet form and I also have a throat spray containing echinacea which I use just when I get a sore throat.
  • Honey, fresh lemon & fresh ginger – If my throat is sore, making a tea from these ingredients really helps soothe my throat. If I have Manuka honey in the cupboard, I take a spoonful straight on the tongue and swallow it as it has fantastic antiseptic properties.
  • Rest, rest and more rest – I can’t say it enough. Your body needs time to recover. As much as it pains me to have to turn down or cancel my clients but if I get ill, that is exactly what I will do. Why? Because I don’t want to pass on whatever I’ve got and I cannot give my 100% best effort when I’m ill and this isn’t fair on you, the paying client. Getting plenty of rest WILL speed up your recovery. But during the winter months listen to your body and if you’re beginning to feel run down, take a break, take a day off and just chill.
  • Plenty of fluids – hot drinks, mainly herbal teas when I’m not feeling well. It also helps to flush out your system and keep hydrated, keeping those headaches away.
  • Avoid dairy – I avoid this like the plague if I have a bad cold – it just produces more phlegm which you don’t want to do when your body is producing enough of the stuff anyway when you have a cold!! This will help your poor sinuses from getting too blocked and painful.
  • Olbas oil – my sinuses get really sore when they’re congested but I hate taking decongestant tablets because they just make me feel sick. I put a few drops of olbas oil on a tissue and breathe in the fumes through my nose which helps soothe my sinuses.
  • Use cotton hankies – I mean the ones your nan used to give you for your birthday!! I find these are far less drying on your skin and I never get that horrible flaky skin round my nose after a heavy cold.

I’d love to hear about remedies and things you do for treating or avoiding colds so please share with me!