Could massage help my hay fever symptoms?

About a month ago I started getting blood shot eyes, runny nose and a rash appeared around my eyes. I had a suspicion that it might be massage for hay fever symptomshay fever but as it was only April and as we had yet to see any sun, I wasn’t sure. Right enough, after a recent trip to the Doctor, they confirmed it was ‘allergic rhinitis’. I had suffered on and off with hay fever over the years but with the usual itchy eyes and bouts of sneezing but this year it’s completely different set of symptoms.

I now find myself with really puffy eyes, swollen sinuses and look like I haven’t stopped crying for days! Dosed up with a daily antihistamine, steroid nasal spray, eye drops and an eye cream, I am just about coping with the symptoms but do I really need to do this all summer? I have spoken to a number of people this year all suffering more that usual. Why is this? Is there a different kind of pollen in the air this year?

What I would like is to be able to get rid of the bags under my eyes caused by the swollen sinuses. Could a massage help my hay fever symptoms? Only just this weekend I treated a client for the same symptoms. A massage to the head and face visibly reduced her dark circles and reduced the eye bags and she felt some reduction in the stuffiness in her sinuses. This is what I need! It works by helping to drain the excess fluid in the tissues under the skin – a kind of lymphatic drainage. Therefore helps relieve the pressure building up in the sinuses. Quite simple really but effective. Can’t really do it on myself and it’s not very relaxing! I feel a trip to one of my massage colleagues coming up soon.

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