Can massage improve post-workout recovery?

Have you ever thought about getting a massage to improve your post-workout recovery? massage improves post-workout recoveryDo you dread that sore feeling (delayed on-set muscle soreness or DOMS) for a couple of days after a session in the gym or having just finished a long bike ride?

Massage is widely used by athletes and professional sports people for a variety of purposes such as injury prevention, recovery from fatigue, relaxation, and to increase performance. But you don’t have to workout like an athlete to feel these benefits of a post-workout massage.¬†Here are some points to consider that could help your body recover quicker:

  • Massage improves circulation and therefore brings nutrients to the muscles and maximises the flow of oxygen to the cells which is essential for the body to repair itself.
  • Massage can help improve the range of motion of your joints and improve flexibility or your muscles.
  • Massage can help eliminate toxins in the muscles that build up during exercise therefore the recovery time is shortened.
  • The fascia or connective tissue which surrounds muscles and is superficial and deep in our bodies, can have restrictions too and therefore by massaging and ‘stretching’ this connective tissue, this can also improve circulation and loosen tight muscles.

If you have recently taken up a sport or started a regular fitness regime, then consider a massage as part of your health goals and prevent that all too familiar stiffness for days after your activity. Think of massage as a preventative measure rather than when injured and this will ensure a much healthier and productive fitness regime. Happy exercising!

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