About Tri-Essence Therapies


Welcome to my website Tri-Essence Therapies.

My name is Munira Rasul and I work as a holistic, sport & remedial massage therapist on Banstead high street (Surrey, near Epsom) at The Natural Way health shop. I qualified in Holistic Massage in 2010 and then have studied many other disciplines including sports massage over the last few years. These are my qualifications and workshops I have attended:

Qualifications and Continuous Professional Development

  • Rehab exercises for the shoulders and neck, Jing Institute Brighton – coming in April’19
  • BTEC Diploma in Clinical Sport & Remedial Massage, London School of Sports Massage
  • Diploma in Structural Rebalancing, The College of Classical Massage, Brighton
  • ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage, The College of Classical Massage, Brighton
  • Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage, Jing Institute, Brighton
  • Certificate in Pregnancy Massage, The College of Classical Massage, Brighton
  • Certificate in Classical Onsite Massage, The College of Classical Massage, Brighton
  • Level 1 Certificate in Myofascial Release Techniques, The College of Classical Massage, Brighton
  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage, London Centre of Champissage International
  • Diploma in Facial Rejuvenation, London Centre of Champissage International
  • Certificate in Hot Stones Massage, The College of Classical Massage, Brighton
  • Living Anatomy workshop, Jing Institute, Brighton
  • The Jing Method: Neck & Shoulder pain, Jing Institute, Brighton
  • Hip and Pelvis Pain workshop, Jing Institute, Brighton
  • I am also a level II Reiki practitioner in Usui Reiki Ryoho

My Background

I started my working life over 20 years ago in the stressful and over-worked corporate world as a fashion buyer. Regularly using complementary therapies helped with the symptoms of stress and poor posture and consequently got me interested in this field and the amazing results that can be achieved by a therapist.  Massage was great for the tension in my lower back, neck and shoulders which was always a problem due to sitting at a desk for long periods of time. I am no stranger to stress and the effects it can have on your body. Therefore, my background has given me the skills to help my clients; having suffered many musculoskeletal issues myself.

Once I set up my massage practice in 2010, I quickly found that more and more people were coming to me with quite specific postural and musculoskeletal problems and as a result, took me on a journey to learn more clinical massage techniques and understand more detail about how our bodies worked. This lead me to study for a year at the prestigious London School of Sport & Remedial massage under the tutelage of Mel Cash who has been running the clinical sport & remedial massage BTEC diploma for 25 years.

Do you recognise these problems in yourself?

  • Tension headaches
  • Sinus pain
  • Tension and pain in the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips and other joints
  • Restricted movement in certain joints through injury or unknown reason
  • Constantly feel run down and have poor immunity
  • Feel stressed and or anxious alot of the time
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Sit at a desk for long periods of time
  • Recently started training / exercising / playing a sport but developed an injury or generally feeling tight in your muscles

The therapies I offer can help with the above problems and many more. See the treatment menu above to find a therapy you would like to try or give me a call on 07720 352097 if you would prefer to discuss what’s best for you. I work with what you want; I offer advice on the type of treatment I think best suited to your problem and I listen to your needs so the treatment is unique every time. I will gladly adapt my techniques to suit your needs. If you want a combination of treatments within your time booked then this is usually not a problem.

Don’t hesitate – pick up the phone and book your treatment today!