5 reasons of how massage can help you to reconnect

I’m serious about the idea that massage can help you to reconnect with yourself. I believe massage can help you be more aware of what’s going on with you, your body AND your mind. We always think about massage for relaxation, pain relief and soothing tight muscles but what does that really mean? Surely when we book a massage we are searching for that feeling of normality again; feeling at peace, energised and pain free. We seek many different therapies to help us with many kinds of trauma from the emotional to the physical but there’s something about the physical side of massage that works for so many people on different levels. Here’s my 5 reasons of how I think massage can make the re-connection with yourself:

  1. Massage is essentially about touch – it goes back to nature and nurture with the first touch we experience as babies from our parents giving us the sense of love and security from a very young age. Touch is one of the strongest sensations one can experience which is why massage has been practiced for hundreds of years before it was even considered to be a therapy.
  2. The first thing you do when you knock a limb or when you pick up a fallen child is rub the sore area – it’s automatic and we don’t think about it, just do it. Like massage, just rubbing a sore area immediately feels a lot better. Imagine how you’d feel then after a full body massage!
  3. After a massage, you usually feel more relaxed – you may have had the week from hell or a really stressful day. That massage has just made you realise what is feels like to be calm and relaxed once again. I meet some clients who are not aware of just how stressed they are. Massage can have a profound effect on them and even make them feel quite emotional after. It’s fine to let that emotion out and not bottle it up.
  4. I have other clients who can not articulate very easily where their pain is. They can point to a general area but it’s up to me to try and pinpoint their pain and find where it’s coming from. Now, there are some pains that are referred so that aside, I have found that after a few sessions of massage, these clients can now begin to accurately describe where the pain is coming from. They can also feel when the issue is coming back and are more likely to re-book a massage as a preventive action rather than let the issue get worse again.
  5. I see many of my clients walking tall out of my treatment room. Yes, from a postural point of view, once tight muscles have been loosened, the chest opens up, shoulders are relaxed down and you can look straighter but what if your issue isn’t physical? What if you are upset, stressed, getting over an illness, worried about a relative or friend and you’re having trouble sleeping? For many of the above reasons, massage does work on the emotions and mind as much as the physical body. I’ve seen the same change in posture from clients who are racked with stress and worry; it opens the body up and raises the head – a lightness enters the face.

Massage reconnects through the body; allows it to feel again, allows the mind to focus on what’s important and what is not and the sensation of touch gives the body a sense of how it actually feels. When I see someone ‘feel’ again for the first time after a massage, I know I’ve done my job well.