3 things massage can help you with right now

new-leaflet-collageWe know massage will make us move better and feel less tense, but not everyone can take time for regular appointments. Massage can be used as a preventative care and it can have some instantly gratifying results. These are 3 common ailments that massage can help:

Headachestension headaches, often called stress headaches, are the most common headaches amongst adults. Pain or pressure in your forehead or top or sides of your head? This could be a tension headache. It’s especially likely if you’ve been sitting hunched over a desk, been sat in the car for a few hours, or hunched up because your cold. Massage could help ease that tension in your neck and shoulders that could be causing this headache. Regular massages could keep them at bay.

Lower back pain – this kind of pain affects most of us at some point in our lives and unfortunately is an increasing reason for time off sick from work. It’s the sort of pain that can affect quality of life and cause stress and further upset especially when the suffer has tried to find a cure but nothing seems to work. Read this article for further information on nonspecific lower back pain. Massage has been found to help with back pain when the cause is muscular tension. It’s worth trying if you’ve not tried it before. With persistent problems it’s always best to see your GP though.

Irritability – have you been so moody that you’ve got on your own nerves as well as everyone elses? Massage is great for stress relief. A good relaxation massage in the confines of a warm, dimly lit room with soft music playing is enough to send anyone into a deep sense of relaxation. To have 60 minutes of blissful you-time! So next time you nearly bite some’s head off, book a massage!